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Week 2 September ,2019

Subject Blog Content
Math In the last two weeks, we learnt the four most basic operations and integers using number line .We  practiced few questions , made story problems in pairs and solved them by using number lines. Furthermore, we started with a new unit ‘Points, lines and angles’. By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta MYP 1B  
Language and Literature Over the past two weeks we analyzed the pamphlets made by us. We focused on the features of pamphlet designing and how pamphlets convey information on a particular subject to the readers. We reflected on the understanding of rhetorical triangle (speaker, audience and purpose) to create a pamphlet. We also recalled our grammar concepts such as parts of speech and subject-verb agreement.  By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta  MYP1C  
Individuals      & Societies   In the past two weeks, we presented our understanding of the unique features of the stone age through graphic organizers. We learnt about the metal age too. We also watched videos and reflected on them to know about heritage and its importance .We also discussed the consequences of losing our own heritage.  By: Rishabh Iyer Kochhar MYP 1C
Science Biology/Chemistry We were introduced to a new unit used  for measuring tiny objects i.e micrometer. We learnt how to calculate magnification of microscopic objects. We attempted a few problems to learn to  calculate magnification. Later in the week we appeared for our formative assessment By: Aditri Nakul MYP 1A Physics: Over the past two weeks, we did an activity on lab safety to  understand th  various safety measures that should be  followed in the lab . We also learnt the first aid measures to be undertaken in case of an emergency. We finished our unit with an activity wherein we discussed the importance of  accuracy and precision  in measurement. By: Bhuvansh Swamy MYP 1A
Product Design This week, we worked on a collage on carbon footprint. We researched the topic by using some guiding questions given to us. We also collected pictures from old newspapers and magazines. We utilized only one- side used paper to be in tune with the topic ‘carbon footprint’ and theme ‘sustainability’.   By: Kevin Joe ben MYP 1 C  
Digital Design In the past weeks, we continued with our presentation of the previous unit , gamification of learning. We also  analysed  the existing product and researched on the topic. Furthermore, we summarized the design outline for our product .  By: Kevin JoeBen MYP 1C   
Language Acquisition French: After our formative assessment of the current unit, we revised the adjectives used for describing our parents. We watched videos and did skill-building activities. We displayed our understanding of various adjectives by describing our friends. We were also introduced to a new grammar topic, ‘Adjective Possessive’. By: Geet Dhooria MYP 1D     Hindi: We had practiced  a poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz  for Hindi Diwas performance. We also discussed the poem in relation to our unit ‘my personal world’ to focus on the freedom of expression. We also discussed the role of family in shaping our  identity and personality.   Spanish: During the past two weeks we learnt the expression of the verb “estar” to discuss civil status of a person in Spanish. We watched a presentation in which a person describes his family members. We also learnt the vocabulary related to countries and nationalities in Spanish. By: Eva Sadhwani  MYP 1A
Visual Art In the last two weeks we learnt  a new art form called ‘Impressionism’ and observed some visuals of the same to develop a better understanding. We appeared for a formative assessment based on criterion A of Arts i.e. Knowing and understanding. Later, taking inspiration from famous landscape artist’s work, we created our layouts for the final composition.  Apoorv Gupta (MYP 1A)
Physical and Health Education (PHE) In our unit ‘fitness through sports’, we discussed  the benefits of yoga and practiced “Surya Namaskar”. We also played badminton and table tennis matches.   By: Tushita Nagpal MYP1D  
Dance We did an interpretation activity based on videos. We understood how sculptures are a source as well as an inspiration to make movements. We watched the video showing  cave paintings of  Bhimbetka caves it made us  understand that cave paintings are a source for stories and movements. We also learnt how classical ballet evolved with time and had minor changes with change in lifestyle and working patterns   By:Kanav Agarwal MYP 1B  

Blog #3

Subject Blog Content
Math We appeared for our formative assessment based on operations of mathematics. We attempted real life application problems of LCM and HCF using our prior knowledge of prime factorization. Towards the end of this week we have been introduced to our forthcoming unit ‘integers’. By : Amogh Kumar MYP1A  
Language and Literature Over the past two weeks we were familiarized with the command term summarize. We practiced the skill by reading stories and summarizing them. We were taught self-editing skills and edited our work by using the self-editing techniques introduced to us .Towards the end of this week we were introduced to pamphlets as a mode of communication as an extension to the flip task .We will be designing our own pamphlets focusing on issues identified by us. By: Anoushka Sharma MYP1C  
Individuals      & Societies   We discussed Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic time-period. We watched a video about the stone age and reflected on the same by making a mind-map and a flowchart. We attained a clear perspective on this topic   after creating a Venn diagram depicting the difference between the three time periods.  By: Saanvi Suri MYP 1B  
Science Biology/Chemistry Last week we observed and learnt how different liquids form concave and convex meniscus in plastic and a glass container. We also explored the working of a microscope and learnt the functions of each of its part. We saw slides of a few specimens under the microscope and its magnification. We also discussed the task for our upcoming FA. By: Suvaan Gupta (MYP 1B)   Physics: Last week we focussed on fundamental and derived units. We learnt that fundamental units are the basic ones and derived units are the ones we obtain by bringing together one or more fundamental units. We also attempted our formative assessment. Furthermore, we did an activity on lab safety wherein we made  posters illustrating lab safety measures. By: Atiksh Verma MYP 1D  
Product Design This week, we worked on a collage on carbon footprint. We researched  on the topic by using some guiding questions given to us .We also collected pictures related to the topic from old newspapers and magazines. we utilized only one- side used paper to be in tune with the topic ‘carbon footprint’ and theme ‘sustainability’.   By: Kevin Joeben MYP 1 C  
Digital Design In these two weeks we made a presentation on our unit, ‘gamification of learning’. We formed a game on a program software  Scratch. We have also created our scratch accounts and learnt the basics of the software. We also referred to some of the existing games and discussed the  changes we would like to bring in them .   By: Suvaan Gupta MYP1B  
Language Acquisition French:
In the past two weeks, with regard to the content and concepts in the unit, ‘My Personal World” we watched interactive videos for recapitulating the vocabulary for the family members. We also learnt how to describe our family members focussing on their physical appearance   using qualitative adjectives. We attempted  many exercises on this topic with audio-visual texts to strengthen our concepts. Towards the end of this week we appeared for our FA based on criterion B. By: Swarnika MYP 1 B Hindi: We had poetry reading and analysis sessions in which we discussed the poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. We had singing practice of this poem, as it is to be presented on Hindi Diwas.    Spanish: Over the past two weeks we learnt how to address our family members in Spanish and usage of the verb “estar” to talk about feelings.  We also learnt how to describe the physical features and personality traits of a person using descriptive words .Furthermore, we watched a power point presentation and read a short text to improve our reading skills. By: Eva Sadhwani MYP1A  
Visual Art In order to make a connection and understand our global context i.e globalization and sustainability of our first unit “Outlook’ we painted some redundant flower pots and assembled them together to create installations of planters. This activity gave us an opportunity to develop our social skills as we worked collaboratively and also explored a new medium for art; acrylic paints . We also added to our vocabulary by learning a new word ‘contour’.  
Physical and Health Education (PHE) In our unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed the rules and regulations of basketball and football after watching a power point presentation. We also played a variety of sports like, basketball, football and badminton for physical fitness.   By: Bhuvansh Swamy MYP1A
Drama In drama we are working on our task of designing  miniature set designs using waste material. We have planned our model and are working on it. We are working on our communication and collaboration skills. We have prepared our basic structures for our designs in our groups.  By: Tushita MYP 1 D    
  Dance In these two weeks we participated in an activity through which we recapitulated the choreographic tools learned in the previous grade. We also made group choreographic works with the tools identified and recollected. Towards the end of this week we also prepared choreographic works after a brainstorming session which helped us to review the methods of storytelling. By: Amaani Sharma MYP1D  

Blog #1


2nd Week of August

Subject Teacher Blog Content
Math Ms. Nitika Bhutani  We started our first  math class of this session with an ice breaking activity on numbers. This was followed by filling a sheet with our personal information using math terms  .We also  reviewed the concepts of numbers by creating a jersey  choosing a number from the count of   1-99  and wrote the  properties and special qualities of that number. We also reviewed concepts of geometry with a crossword puzzle and by building a mathematical town using geometric shapes in groups.

By: Rishab Iyer Kochhar
Language and Literature Ms.SarahChakravarty We commenced the self-exploratory journey of language and literature with an immersive activity ‘compass point’ and ‘elements of a story’. We were introduced to a couple of command terms and discussed them in detail. We were also introduced to ‘types of text’ to promote our understanding of the forthcoming unit -Introduction to language and literature.   
By :Sanvi Suri  
Individuals        & Societies Ms. Urvashi Sahni We started our class with discussion of Global context, Key concept. Related concept & Statement of inquiry. We also watched a video familiarizing us with our first unit ‘Knowing Our Ancient Past’. We were shown videos about primary and secondary sources as well. We also did an activity related to it. We made graphic organizer and wrote the difference and similarities between primary and secondary sources.                                                   
 Aditri Zutshi  MYP-1A     
Science Ms. Anchal Chadha                     Ms. Priscilla  Biology/Chemistry : In the last two weeks, we were introduced to Global context, Key concepts and Related concepts to learn how learning takes place within a context. We did an activity in which we chose a news headline from the newspaper and explored  what global context and possible exploration might connect to that article. We were equipped with the skills of addressing questions involving command terms. We tried to frame our own questions using command terms for better understanding. We also started our unit ‘Life on Scales’ and attempted our benchmarking assessment towards the end of this week.   By: Aditri Zutshi(MYP 1A)

Physics: In our skill-building lessons, we first learnt about  criteria i.e. A, B, C and D. We understood what each criterion means and learnt about investigation. We learnt new terms like hypothesis, variables, apparatus etc. and also learnt how to frame a hypothesis through various scenarios. We also learnt about independent, dependent and controlled variables, the difference between materials and apparatus in an experiment and we gained knowledge on how to analyse a given data. We were given some scenarios where we had to apply this knowledge and  we could do it  successfully.

By: Kevin (MYP 1C)
Design and Technology Ms. Leepakshi Julka The first class of product design started with an icebreaker design challenge, wherein the students were divided into two different teams and were asked to make a challenging maze for the  opponent team with empty juice cartons, old books and cardboard rolls. Both the teams developed their creativity, communication and social skills through this activity. For the next design challenge, students had to design, create and test a bridge using only one sheet of paper. This was followed by a discussion on their understanding of the word “design”. They were shown a few videos on product design and were asked to reflect on how design is a powerful tool to solve problems.  Students also had a discussion how  common products which they extensively use in their lives have  evolved. They observed and appreciated the clever design features that have been added to solve user problems.

By: Shreya (MYP 1A)
  ICT   Ms. Bhavya Joshi   The unit was introduced with an interesting activity in which students watched a movie, ‘Soar’. Thus, identifying design elements and basic concepts related to it. They discussed command terms of design and created their account on ‘scratch: mit.edu‘ which will be used by them to design games.  
Language Acquisition Ms. Akansha Uniyal             Ms. Tanvi Arora               Mr.Ghanshyam             Spanish: Students were engaged in ice breaking sessions and activities associated with  IB learner profile and ATL skills  with a limited introduction to spanish vocabulary. They were also collaboratively engaged in constructing a shared way of thinking, communicating, and implementing through presenting themselves in class, miming and playing games.     This week started off with various ice breaking activities in which we revised the daily greetings , playing with numbers and pronouncing the french alphabets. We played  various games to recapitulate our vocabulary as well as had a quiz on the french culture and civilisation. Lastly, we learnt how to introduce ourselves by playing a game in which the teacher gave us various words on cards and we made as many phrases as we could by using them.     Hindi- Phase 1&2: We shared our experiences about vacation and also discussed about Hindi language and its importance at national and global level. We participated in two language games- ‘identify the adjective’ and ‘turn and pass’ which was based on observation and listening skills. We also participated in essential agreement activity and shared our views in written and oral form in class. Storytelling was also introduced in class as well Towards the end of the week we also appeared for  our benchmarking assessment based on criteria B, C and D.  By: Laisha Anand (MYP 1C)  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)    

    Mr. Soji Cheriyan      

Ms. Bandana Rawat
      In our new unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed about the physical fitness and how fitness helps in sports and day to day life. We played a basketball match for physical fitness. By: Aditri Nakul (MYP 1A)  

We brainstormed on folktales and stories. We explored our favourite short stories to create narratives. We worked on devising performances based on stories.   
Visual Art   Ms. Srishti Saraf We discussed the  differences and similarities between PYP and MYP curriculum . We then learnt about different criteria of art and how we can achieve them. Later to mark the year of sustainability  we created free expressions on newspapers with the medium of our choice and shared our reflections with each other.  By:Swarnika Sharma

Blog #2


4th week of August

Language and literature As outlined in the curriculum we began this week with introduction to rhetorical triangle  and to reinforce the same we identified  speaker, purpose and audience of an article in a newspaper. In an extensive discussion we compared diary entry and diary logs. To enrich our vocabulary we chose a few phrases from the comprehension passage and practised their usage by making sentences with the same. We started analyzing different sentences from newspaper articles to recapitulate tenses used in our communication. We were also familiarized with the assessment criterion A for our forthcoming formative assessment By :Saanvi Suri MYP 1B    
Science Physics A few weeks ago, we started with our unit ‘ life on scales’. We did an activity wherein we used our body parts (handspan, foot) to measure objects inside the class like the whiteboard, cupboards, bulletin boards etc. We found that the measurement taken by us was different from our friends. In the next class, we did a follow-up activity and also wrote a reflection on the activity . By:Niharika MYP 1 D  

Biology/Chemistry In the past week we identified various equipment used in laboratory for scientific measurements. We also learnt the use of each equipment. We learnt to find the least count of measuring cylinder, ruler and laboratory thermometer. We did an activity to find out the temperature of hot and cold water using laboratory thermometer.
By: Samvit MYP 1D  
Individuals & societies We started our week with multiple discussions on the unit ‘Knowing our Ancient past’ and its global context, key concept, and related concepts. We analyzed our work to discover the ATL skills used. We then had activities to enhance our knowledge of ‘Primary’ and ’Secondary’ sources with the help of videos and newspaper articles. We delved deeper by creating a timeline of our personal history. We also read and annotated the second chapter of the textbook ‘A New Life’ to broaden our understanding of the Paleolithic Age.
By:Aditri Nakul MYP1A
Math In the last two weeks we learnt how to solve multi-step word problems using stratergies like GRASP and RICE. These strategies helped us decode word problems. We also  learnt how to perform all the 4 operations i.e addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  using BEDMAS rule. We also engaged in a fun activity where we prepared bookmarks using our knowledge of mathematical concepts and recording them on the bookmark.
By: Rohan Phargade MYP1C  
  Language acquisition               French
We started our term by revising the concepts done last year such as prepositions, ‘ER’ ending verbs and essential agreements through word searches and various group tasks. Then we continued our unit discussing global context, key concept, related concepts and our prior knowledge of family members in French. We also  watched videos to enhance our knowledge of the family members and  discussed relations with a’ family tree’ in French.
By Aditri Nakul MYP1A
We started our  unit by doing a group activity to create a “Statement of inquiry” for our new unit based on our own understanding. Every group came up with an interesting SOI in which we tried to understand each other’s perspective. Then we learnt to introduce ourselves in Spanish with the help of a conversation. Later, we watched an interesting Youtube video based on the vocabulary for the family members in Spanish.
By: Eva Sadhvani MYP1A
We had a story telling session in our class. We also wrote a short paragraph about ourselves. We also discussed our benchmarking assessments in class. We also had a discussion on various aspects of oneself and how this affects our way of living and personality.     
ICT     We brainstormed individually on the game that we would design and identify the client for the same. We identified different elements in a game using the software.  We will now work on Scratch to acquire the skills required for our product. 
Visual Art   We were introduced to our first unit ‘Outlook’ in which we got the opportunity to inquire about landscapes. We discussed the global context, key concepts and the related concepts of the unit to form our statement of inquiry in different groups. We also developed our vocabulary by learning  new word called ‘aesthetics’. Later, we created a KWHLAQ chart individually to record our prior knowledge.
By: Tushita Nagpal MYP 1D  
Design and Technology       This week in product design we saw a video called- Martha Speaks -Martha’s doghouse in which kids about our age go about solving a real-life problem by designing a doghouse. It gave us an insight into the different steps involved in designing a product but in a fun way. We reflected on the challenges and the mistakes that the young designers made in the process. Our discussion made us realize that while designing it is important to follow the design cycle. We are now beginning to understand the first step -inquiring and analyzing.
By:Aditri Zutshi  MYP1A
Drama       Firstly we loosened  ourselves with simple theater exercises.Then, we discussed and wrote about different types of folktales. We created our own plays based on any story of our choice. We collaborated in groups to develop our performance and performed various characters. We created our own play which is a remake of snow white.
By:Nysa MYP 1 C .
Dance     We were divided into groups and each one created a story with sketches and drawings.The stories were interchanged, we made our own interpretation  and expressed it through movements.We could draw relations as to how early man was inspired by cave paintings which lead to creation of dance movements.In the next class we understood that detailing and specification in instructions could minimize the change in movements with passing time and thus classical forms evolved
By:Rishabh Kochhar MYP 1C      
PHE       We continued with our unit ‘ Fitness through sports’. We discussed about the components of physical fitness and the benefits of exercise. We played  short-sited football matches.
By: Yashvi Seth Myp1B  
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